Weighing In

Lauren’s appointment went well this morning – she’s 12 lbs. 4 oz., 24″ long – tall and skinny 🙂  Her weight is about 60th percentile, and height is 90th percentile.  She absolutely HATED her shots…she was very angry after getting stabbed…but she’s doing okay now.

Peyton also got checked out – it seems he had a bit of the stomache flu.  He hasn’t had any…incidents…since yesterday am, but he says his stomache is still hurting a little bit.  Once the doctor told him he was okay, he stopped whining so much.  I think he realized that he could get a lot of extra attention for being sick, so the last two days he’s taken to dramatically clutching his stomache and falling to the floor in a heap of moans.


On an unrelated note, oldnavy.com has some of the cutest baby outfits EVER.  I’m trying to have some self-control here, but I’ve finally got a little girl to dress up, and our planned vacations to CA in June and Jersey in August are VERY tempting excuses…not to mention the fact that Lauren is likely to switch clothing sizes somewhere in the middle, so whatever we buy for CA won’t fit in Jersey…I also found some clothes for myself…of course, since I’m hoping to be a stay-at-homer next year, I’ll need new work clothes…my current work clothes wouldn’t be appropriate 🙂  I guess it’s a good thing I have a few old navy gift cards around here 🙂


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