September 11, 2009

It’s been a long time

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Sorry. I feel like every time I post I apologize for taking so much time off of blogging. I really am sorry; we’ve just been really busy. I’m teaching part-time online for Kaplan Academy of Washington – it’s only 10 hours a week, but that sucks up nap time and some evening hours pretty quickly. I also spent quite a bit of time cleaning and organizing and rearranging various rooms in our house. Our toys and toy-shelves are no longer in the front room where the kids…okay, Lauren…continuously pulls them off the shelves and onto the floor. Now the toys and shelves are in the hallway or the hall closet, where they stay unless needed and get put back when no longer wanted. James also started classes again, so I’ve spent a fair amount of time looking at assignment requirements and rough drafts and everything else that goes along with that.
Peyton started kindergarten 😦 He loves it, and I do enjoy some one-on-one time with Lauren, but she misses him and I miss him, too. He also started piano lessons and soccer (which means I started piano lessons and soccer) – he’s enjoying both and loves practicing piano so he can earn video game or computer time so he can play facebook poker with daddy or papa or uncle tyler or whoever else he can find 🙂 He continues to work on his reading skills, and since kindergarten started, he’s been more adventurous in his vocabulary – today he told me his teacher had “temptation” when someone else had hot chocolate because his teacher loves hot chocolate. A few days ago he said he was exasperated 🙂
Lauren is talking like crazy – I counted at least 50 words that she uses regularly. She also says a few phrases – “Buh-bye, guys!” or “Hi guys!” for example. She delights me every day with her silly expressions and dramatic movements. She is also sleeping in her very own big girl bed, now! Okay, so we just started that at nap time, but so far it’s going well! She understands that she isn’t supposed to get off the bed, so even though she stalls and stalls at bedtime (“buck! bock! duggy! bangy! beebee!” – book, rock, ducky blanky, baby) she only cried for a minute before she went to sleep. The same occurred at bedtime tonight – she cried and tried to get down once, but I put her back and she cried for a minute before going to sleep. By the way, she isn’t in a BIG big girl bed – we put her mattress on the floor, and it’s wedged between the wall and the side of the crib, so it’s not like she’s going to fall off. She loves her babies and spends most of her play time tucking them into bed, putting her diapers on them, giving them her food, and shushing me because they’re sleeping.
So I’m sorry I’ve been away…but it’s likely my updates will continue in this fashion. I’ll try not to let as much time pass as I have in the past, but I make no guarantees!


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