August 14, 2009

Summer’s Over?

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Wow.  My last post was about a month ago.  Sorry.  You didn’t miss out on much – sure, I cleaned the house (why else do you think I wasn’t blogging?), took the kids to New Jersey/Long Beach Island, flew down to California where we met Daddy, camped with Peyton and the Punt family at San Clemente, went to Disneyland, the aquarium, a wedding, and a walk-in clinic, and drove 1250 miles over 22 hours to get home again.

So yeah, we had a blast and enjoyed spending time with our family and friends far away, but oh how good it feels to be home.    Lauren and Peyton were in my friend Mandy’ wedding, so we had fun dressing them up and parading them down the aisle.  This was Lauren’s first time, and I was quite worried how she’d do as an 18 month old with a job.  It worked out – I set her down at the end of the aisle.  She stood there.  I gave her a nudge.  She walked a few steps, then noticed the pretty petals on the ground.  Of course we can’t leave pretty petals on the ground, so she started picking them up.  I gave her another nudge and reminded her to bring her flowers to Daddy…so she ran down the aisle to Daddy and that was that. 

Of course, she also contracted some disease a few days before, as her runny nose got a little worse each day.  On Sunday night she didn’t sleep well and we could tell she didn’t feel well at all, so I called our insurance and our old doctor and ended up in a walk-in clinic in Artesia.  We got there at 9 when it opened only to find that the doctor doesn’t come in until 10.  We put our names down and left to fill out the paperwork and wait, only to find out at 10 that our insurance wouldn’t cover their particular clinic, just other walk-ins.  The receptionist bargained with me over the price (I guess cheap business is better than no business from her perspective, and I didn’t feel like sitting in an ER for who knows how long) so we got in.  Lauren had an ear infection and is now recuperating.  She still has a really gooey nose, but she seems a lot more comfortable. 

And that was our summer.  Can you believe it’s over?  The fair is next week, then only one more week before Peyton starts kindergarten.  Forget about where the summer went…where have the last 5.5 years gone???

That’s really all I have to say.  It’s Friday.  We have no plans for the weekend.  The weather is terrible – gray and rainy and 60*.  I think we’re all suffering from sunshine withdrawals, or it could be that Lauren shared her cold with me…at any rate, I’m off to have some Famous Amos cookies to cheer myself up.


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