July 13, 2009

Some Like it Hot

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A couple days ago, while Peyton and Lauren and I were waiting at Burger King for Daddy to pick us up after we dropped my car off to get the CD player fixed, Lauren grabbed the hash browns I gave her and stuck them right into the ketchup container.  Loved it.  Really messy, but she loved it.

So when she saw the container of salsa from our mexican take-out, she had to have some.  I tried to discourage her, but she’s about as stubborn as her mom and dad and begged to try it, so I let her.  She went through the typical range of expressions when one eats something really hot, only she didn’t try to disguise it like the rest of us do.







Wanna know a secret?  These pics didn’t come from her first taste.  See the mostly-empty container in front of her?  She ate it.  Crazy girl! 

The next evening Uncle Gordon and Aunt Jenny had some hot cheetos, so we let Lauren try them.  “NUM!”  Yes, she needed a drink of water, but she loved them and wanted more than we’d let her have.

Maybe I ate too much salsa when I was pregnant with her.  Who knows.  Crazy!

Here are a few other pics from the last few days:


Last week it was REALLY hot again – high 80s/low 90s for a few days – so we spent a lot of time in the kids’ pool and went to the YMCA often to swim.  Here’s a cute pic – there are quite a few other expressions if you’re my facebook friend, but I’ve already uploaded quite a few pics tonight…


On the 4th we went to Uncle Gordon’s for a BBQ and bonfire and fireworks and motorbike rides 😉  Steven is SUCH a great cousin and Peyton LOVES when Steven offers to ride him around on his toys.  IMG_8335

If the tongue wasn’t in the way you’d see the funky tennessee teeth Peyton has right now – one bottom tooth is missing (see previous post) and the other is loose as well, and, since the two adult teeth are coming in behind, the loose tooth is being pushed sideways and out…as loose as it is right now it sticks straight out when he smiles with his teeth closed.  He laughs hysterically about it because it’s so gross (and because I make a big deal about how funny/gross it is), which is probably why we haven’t just pulled it out yet.  He likes the disgusting boy humor of his buckish tooth.  Watch for a new pic in the next few days, though…every time I brush his teeth I’m afraid it’ll fall right out.

And two more things: Lauren had her measurements checked again today at the doctor – she’s tracking right along, so doc says we needn’t come in again until her regular 2-year checkup.  Great, she’s considered normal again 😉

That other thing: James had a mole removed from his stomach today…a few weeks ago I noticed for the first time that the brown was “bleeding” out in a ring around the mole – NOT good.  He thought it’d always been that way, but with the number of moles I have I know what to watch for and feel like I wouldn’t sent him into the doc before if I’d seen that, so we made the appointment and the doctor removed it.  It was quite the surgery – 6 stitches – and is bothering him tonight (and will probably bother him for a couple more days).  Doc thought it looked okay, but it’s better to remove it and be sure for peace of mind than to leave it and find out when it’s too late.  Anyway, when the lab gives us results I’ll let you know.  I’ll probably also post another pic of his stitches when I get a chance.



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