July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

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Happy Independence Day – or something like that.  Did anyone see how much tribute we have to pay just to cover the cost of the interest on the national debt?  Ridiculous.

Been a while: here’s a quick update:


Peyton shaved his head, lost a tooth and had his first trip to a waterpark this week.  He was proud of his haircut and especially glad of the fact that he no longer needs to comb it, very sad to say goodbye to his tooth (but glad to see the dollar under the pillow), and super-excited about the water park.  There were really only 8 slides at the park we went to, but because Peyton is young they let him go down on my lap without a tube, which meant we could skip the line for tubes and go straight to the top.  Wait time for each ride was probably about 5 minutes including the walk time, so we hit up the main slides 2 or 3 times each before we got bored (and cold – cool breeze on wet body, even in the hot sun, doesn’t feel so good).  We spent about 3 and a half hours there before coming home.  Meanwhile, Daddy and Lauren had a grand time at home…


Lauren keeps learning new words, including Peyton, or “pee pee.”  Another favorite is “dookit,” or “look at!”  She’s learning to say “sorry” since she likes to hit and kick brother (though it’s usually in her own defense, since brother likes to get in her face).  She also knows who she is, but when she says her name is sounds kind of like “doggy.”  So we’ve got a kid named after urine and the other after our pet.  Go figure.  She also got a new pair of shoes for her growing feet – size 5 baby!  Woot!  She’s also developing quite the personality, as you can see:




What mischief!


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