June 6, 2009

Farmer’s Day Parade

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Today was the Farmer’s Day Parade.  We don’t usually go to the parades in Lynden, but this time Peyton, as part of the YMCA soccer league, was part of the parade!  We dropped him off on his float at 9:30 and went to sit by Marlin, James’ coworker, and his wife Nelly and their kids and grandbaby.


Though Lauren didn’t want to smile for the camera, Marlin’s granddaughter Addison was more than happy to.  Lauren and Addison are 2 days apart in age! 


We had to wait about an hour for the parade to start – Mom and Dad shared a huge coffee while Lauren had a yogurt and some animal cookies.  Then we discovered the Krispy Kremes.  Camp Shiloh, a Christian camp for teens, was selling boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts, so Lauren got her first taste of those.

FINALLY the parade started at 10:30…it was fun, but we wanted to see brother.  Half-way through his float came …


(look for the gray jerseys)




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