June 4, 2009


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Time is going by so fast.  My little baby Peyton is going to kindergarten next year.  He knows how to ride a bike by himself (although stopping and starting need a bit more practice).  He can read…really read, not just explain pictures…to himself.  Last night he read me the entire book “10 apples up on top” by dr. Seuss.  He can write and sound out words.  He can help fold laundry and clean his own room!  We’re starting to think about piano lessons for him…wow.

He wanted to give his teachers flowers to thank them for teaching him.  He carefully picked out 3 different kinds, one for each teacher.  When we filled out the cards, he was very particular about what he wanted to write: “I’m sorry I have to go to a new class.  [heart] Peyton”  Yes, perhaps it sounds a bit arrogant, but he didn’t mean it that way…at least I don’t think he did.

And Lauren has discovered her self.  Instead of just “up,” “all done,”  “juice,” “eat,” she now says “up me,” “all done me,” “juice me,” and “eat me.”  Nice.  But she’s hit a very interesting milestone, and it’s interesting to see how she combines ideas together.  Watching the development of language in Lauren and of reading in Peyton has just been amazing.


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