May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

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This is a special weekend for Peyton. This is his very first tenting adventure.
Okay, so the tent is in the backyard, but it’s a TENT! TENT! How cool is that? And not only does he get to sleep in a tent for the very first time EVER, but DADDY is sleeping with him in his super cool TENT!

2009_5_24 158 

And what perfect weather for his tenting adventure. Today was gorgeous! We went to church together, and since we’re on unity services now we had no trouble getting out the door on time – well, half hour early, actually! Thank you to all the veterans out there who gave their lives so we could do a simple thing like go to church. After church and lunch Lauren napped nicely (yay) while Mommy ate in peace and rested in the recliner. Half-way through Lauren’s nap, Peyton came to sit by me and ended up falling asleep (yay!). He even stayed asleep when Lauren woke up at an appropriate time (how good can life get!).

2009_5_24 150

We played outside AGAIN today, and let me tell you, sunblock hair has a mind of its own.  Despite the ‘do, Lauren is getting the hang of driving Peyton’s tractor. Yes, you read that right. Remember Peyton’s Gator HPX truck? Lauren figured out how to drive it. Yes, she has to stand up to reach the pedal, and stand ON the pedal to keep it down, but she is SO pleased with herself when she drives around in circles on the lawn!

2009_5_24 193

[making faces with brother]

2009_5_24 168

At 4 I popped our wonderful tri-tip de Cosco in the oven and ran to the grocery store for graham crackers, roasting stick-thingies, and then to Uncle Gordon’s for wood…can you see where this is going? YES! We had our very first bonfire (okay, maybe it wasn’t a bonfire, but it was fire nonetheless) in our very own firepit (a second-hand gift from some friends) in our very own backyard. On the way back from those errands, however, we noticed a very strange sight: on the main street leading to our street there was a naked toddler in the middle of the [30 mph] street! I pulled over and got out, expecting his momma to come running out of the house after him, but no one came. Another driver pulled over – she’d been coming down the small street and saw him before I pulled over. She thought maybe he was mine, but no, and still no mummy. Poor little guy – he was probably 2, and he couldn’t speak (or understand us?) when we questioned him about his home. There was a cat he was chasing – probably the reason he got lost. Anyway, the woman’s sister lived a few houses down, and though she didn’t recognize the boy, she thought maybe he belonged a bit down the street from her. She wrapped him in a towel and the sisters took him…hopefully. I would have loved to go along to see him home, but my own kids (and Ji Young) were in the car, so I went home. I hope there’s a good reason why mom and dad didn’t see the little guy sneak off, and I hope that never happens again.
After dinner we struck up the fire (which took a while but was well worth it) and Lauren tried her very first marshmallow ever…and loved it, of course – “num-nums!” But alas, it was bedtime and she was super-crabby, so to bed she went, and Mommy, Daddy, Ji Young and Peyton (and Bella) enjoyed the fire and a few smores (each) while it lasted (a bit shorter than we hoped, but perfect at the same time, since we didn’t have to put it out ourselves).

2009_5_24 201

2009_5_24 183

I think Lauren wanted to sleep in the tent, too.  Unfortunately, I think that’d mean no one else would get to sleep in the tent.

2009_5_24 175

2009_5_24 208

Peyton loves s’mores.

2009_5_24 205

Lauren enjoying her first marshmallow on Daddy’s lap.

It’s 10:30 now; Daddy tucked Peyton in at close to 9 (after the basketball game).  I expected daddy to come back in, as he left the TV on Sports Center (no, Ji Young and I aren’t big fans).  But now, and hour and a half later, he hasn’t come out.  They must have both been exhausted.  As I am – it’s time for bed…but Ji Young is watching Jumanji, and I’ve seen the hook…and now I’m not sure if I want to go to sleep…I’ll let you know later…


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