May 15, 2009


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Where did the first half of May go?  My goodness!  Here’s where we’ve been:

Two weeks ago: sick…our symptoms combined, we had swine flu, but individually Peyton had lots of allergies, Lauren had a cold, I had the flu, and James is a pig.  Well, maybe not that last part.

Last week: chaos as we (myself and 2 LC staff) tried to put together the NHS field trip at what felt like the last minute.

This week:  Lauren had her 15 month check up (18 lbs. 5 oz., 30″ tall – she’s still growing!  Even if she is just below 5th percentile for weight, she’s hanging in there!  Her height is at 5oth percentile) along with 3 shots.  Poor girl!  She’s old enough that, though she remained still through all three, she sobbed “owwweeeee!  owwwwweeeeee!” the whole time.  How sad!  Tuesday was Ji Young’s 18th birthday…happy birthday Ji (as Lauren calls her)!  Wednesday Daddy came home at noon so Mommy could go on the NHS field trip – what a blast!  11 hours sans kids, walking through bookstores in Vancouver, BC, looking into other shops, having a fabulous (and free) dinner at Earl’s and enjoying a play put on by Pacific Theatre/Trinity Western.  Only problem: I didn’t get home and into bed until 12:30 am.  It’s a bit past my bedtime, but well worth it.

Oh, and Wednesday-Thursday Peyton may have had a bit of the flu…seems we traded illnesses.  He was well enough to go to his soccer game Thursday, but not well enough to play like himself.  They lost 3-1. 

After the game he said, “I’m glad we didn’t lose.” 

I said, “Umm, you did lose.” 

He replied, “Well, you can’t win all the time.  Sometimes you have to let someone else win.”

What do I say to that? 

Friday: babysitting Will, enjoying the beautiful sunshine in the backyard while Will and Lauren run around, tucking the little ones into bed after they ate more than I thought they could for lunch, having my own lovely half-hour of timed rest on a beach blanket in the sun, and enjoying Papa Murpheys for dinner (ie no cooking!).  We’re about to watch Liam Neeson’s recent movie “Taken.”

One last update: Lauren’s vocabulary expands daily.  Mama, dadda, da’dee (daddy), buh-buh (brother), Beh-wuh (Bella), bah-dee (doggy), Mah-wee (Molly), moo, mow (meow), oo-ooo-ooo (high pitched!  it’s woof-woof!), ahahahaha (the rooster’s crow), ba-a-a-a-a-a (sheep’s baa), Ji (Ji young), deee (three…I always count one…two…THREE!!! when I’m trying to stall her so I can change a diaper or cut fingernails), deh (there/that).  Today she said “aih-bay” (airplane) several times, and we said “Dude!” back and forth about 15 times this morning 🙂  She knows all her body parts – patella, tibia, fibula, femur, philangees…okay, maybe we’re not quite there yet, but we’re working on it.  She does know toes, hands, hair, tummy, hair, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth…and I have to go I’m almost out of battery!


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