April 27, 2009

5’5.5″ +/- 3/4″

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Had physical therapy again today – the last two sessions (or the two first sessions, depending on how one wants to look at it) were wonderful.  The first session she took some measurements on the flexibility of my neck, then spent the other half hour giving me the most wonderful neck massage ever.  The second session I got an hour-long massage on my neck AND my upper back…I thought I’d been raptured.

Today I had to work a bit, but it wasn’t too bad.  While riding the bicycle for 8 minutes I talked with my therapist about my issues. 

I’ve always had back problems…at least ever since doing jacknife sit-ups for soccer conditioning (couldn’t even go out for the sport after the slipped disc and pinched sciatic nerve that practically paralyzed me in the fall of my senior year of high school).  Thanks to a rolling back-pack, a new bed, a back brace from Home Depot, and no lifting whatsoever for a month, I didn’t need surgery, but I’ve still had problems on and off since then. 

As for my neck, I think the headballs and jet skis and other crazy things I used to do are catching up with me.  My chiropractor said he’s never seen a case like mine in someone so young, save for car accident victims.  As long as I was careful about how I slept, I could keep myself free of any pain or headaches…until our little sledding incident last December.  Since then I’ve had pretty constant but tolerable neck pain.  I went to the chiropractor for it, but I don’t really want go in every week for the rest of my life.  I ignored it, trying to stretch the irritated muscles on my own, but it didn’t seem to improve anything.  About 6 weeks ago I woke up with neck pain and knew it was going to be a tough day.  I took some tylenol and started the day.  At 8 I called the chiropractor to make an appointment.  They weren’t open until 9.  At 9 my headache was getting much worse, but the chiropractor would squeeze me in in the afternoon.  At 10 my headache was really bad, so I took the last ibuprofen they prescribed after I had Lauren (it was a sad moment, as those pills always made my back pain go) and prayed it would help.  At 10:30 my headache was so severe I had to call James home from work to watch the kids while I went to lie down  I’d never had a migraine before, but this was so bad I thought I’d throw up if I moved.  Of course the chiropractor called to cancel because he was out sick that day, so I called the regular doctor to make an appointment.  It took a long time for the ibuprofen to kick in, but eventually I made it to the doctor, who prescribed more pills for me (yay!) and sent me to get x-rays.  Jumping through time, my x-rays were pretty crazy – my neck looks fine, so they sent me to physical therapy to work on the muscles.  My back, on the other hand…my spine is curved, my hips are uneven…I guess that explains a lot.  The best part?  Because my chiropractor isn’t using the same computer system I got to deliver the disc of x-rays myself…after copying them to my computer.  How cool is this!





Yes, I really thought I was standing straight.

So in physical therapy today I asked her about my back.  She measured and re-measured and found that my lower right leg is 3/4″ longer than my lower left leg. 

I guess if I stand on my right leg I’ll be 5′ 6.25″


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