April 18, 2009

It’s Been a Long Time

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Lauren’s learning new words every day.  We can’t understand some of them, and sometimes I wonder if she’s learning German rather than English – her current word sounds something like “gol-gol-gol” – but it really must mean something because she says it a LOT.  Her hair is also growing really quickly – blondish and so soft…though she loves to run her fingers in it…especially after eating finger-foods.

Peyton is spending lots of time outside in his new cleats – soccer practice started this week.  He’s had two official practices with Coach Kevin and the other members of the gray team, and of course tons of time inside and out working on dribbling, trapping, passing and of course scoring.  I’m his chosen opponent, and Lauren chases the dog or climbs on Peyton’s tractor or kicks the ball around herself. 

I’m now a soccer mom, and probably not doing a very good job at it.  First practice was Tuesday – the woman at the YMCA didn’t think Peyton would need cleats or pads for the first practice because it’d probably just be fun and games to learn his teammates’ names.  Wrong.  Peyton (and another boy, so I wasn’t the only bad mom) got a lecture on soccer safety and the need for shin guards.  We went shopping the next day (but of course they were out; a new shipment should be in within a couple days).  In the mean time he’s got cleats, socks, shorts and a gray t-shirt for a jersey. 

Another failure on my part – I haven’t quite figured out the northwest weather.  After growing up in Southern California, sunshine outside means t-shirt, and since soccer is a sport, shorts should be fine.  The first practice I made him wear a sweatshirt in the car in case it was cold when we were done at 5 pm – he ended up wearing his sweatshirt and shorts (and regular socks and tennis shoes, since I’d failed in the gear department) and barely kept warm.  Today was beautiful and supposed to be nice.  I forgot the high temp of the day doesn’t hit until late afternoon – we were out at 11:15 am.  Poor guy – they did more running today, and he’s a tough guy, so he did alright in his shorts, t-shirt and cleats (a slight improvement there). 

Failure #3 – parking.  We arrived quite early for our first practice because I didn’t know which field was #8.  This time around we left with just enough time to park and get on the field.  Only I didn’t realize everyone and their grandmother were at the park for practice of one kind or another.  I ended up double-parking, running him to his team (who were not on the field they were supposed to be on) and promising I’d park and be right back. 

James has been busy with school and work and drilling holes in the floor to run speaker cable under ground rather than across the carpet.  And mommy much appreciates it.


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