April 4, 2009


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Warning: this post is long and rambly near the end.  Forgive me.  It’s late, I’m tired, and my battery is dead.

Lauren is learning words SO quickly!  She can point to her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, tummy and toes.  She makes animal noises while we read our books: “b-cough noise” goes the sheep, “moooooo” goes the cow, “mow” (in a high-pitched voice) goes the cat, and [puff of air] goes the dog.  My favorite of her new words in “niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccce” whenever she attempts to hug the cat or dog. 

She has also learned another word- it’s Peyton’s favorite because it’s always comical.  Lauren says “no.” 

Peyton: Lauren, do you want some candy?

Lauren: No.

Peyton: Lauren, do you want to play?

Lauren: No.

Peyton: Lauren, do you like the dog?

Lauren: No.

Peyton: Lauren, do you like to eat?

Lauren: No.

She says it in such a sweet, yet resolute way that it seems like she really knows what she’s denying, so Peyton laughs hysterically and continues to question his sister.

Today was also a big day for Peyton (and for the rest of the family).  Today was “warm” and sunny.  It wasn’t exactly warm – a t-shirt and light jacket wasn’t enough to keep me warm due to the cool breeze, but it was warm enough outside that Daddy mowed, Mommy cleaned the garage (ie moved a few things around), Lauren got a wagon ride and spent some time climbing around on Peyton’s truck, Bella got a walk and (drumroll)

Peyton got to ride his bike with a bunch of other boys.  Last summer he was a bit afraid of the thing – it’s a big bike because he’s a big kid.  In size he looks like a 10 year old, so he has the bike of a 10 year old, but he still has the emotions and fears of a 5 year old.  The bike has training wheels, but (because the bike is so big) they don’t fit quite right and sometimes fold back.  This year he’s an inch taller and a year braver, and perhaps the time has erased a bit of last year’s bike memories, for today he was ready and excited to ride.  Last year he wanted me to hold him and he frequently leaned toward me when he felt himself tipping, but this year he is independant and grown-up.  I told him I couldn’t go with him across the street yet and he asked if he could just ride by himself.  I walked him across, and he rode.  He tipped a few times, but always put his foot down just in time and hopped right back on.

I think the happiest moment occurred while Peyton was riding: a few neighborhood boys came out to join him.  There’s a nine-year old two doors down and a 5 year old a door beyond that.  Those boys also have more siblings of various ages, so there were quite a few kids riding around today. 

Of course, the other kids were sans-training wheels.  We’ll work on it.  Poor guy!  Being big is definitely a draw-back here.


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