March 30, 2009


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Daddy’s little princess.  If Helen can launch a thousand ships, Lauren can launch 10 thousand. img_7265

She’s taken to using our curtains as a veil.


Peyton decided his car needed to be washed (like daddy).  Lauren didn’t care how dirty it was; she just wanted to go for a ride (like mommy).



If ever a man was proud of his sweet ride…


Lauren used to be afraid of dogs.  Now she basically lays on top of our pets.  Tonight at bedtime she wasn’t interested in saying goodnight to Daddy or Ji Young or Peyton; she wanted to kiss “Be-wa-wa” goodnight.  Problem is, Bella kisses her back.  And did I mention that Lauren still kisses with an open mouth?  Yeah, we’re working on it.



Lauren loves her Be-wa-wa.  Other new words: ball (bah), bear (bah), baby (bah-bah).  oh, and no.  And mimi – gimme?


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