March 13, 2009

Drugged Drunk for the Dentist

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Here’s the promised post on Peyton’s first fillings.

To bring all my irregular readers up to speed, Peyton went to the dentist about a month ago because he had a spot on one of his teeth.  He was a great helper with opening his mouth and lying still, but alas, he needed fillings in between all of his molars.  The dentist recommended we floss, so we’ve been diligent in adding it to his bedtime routine.

Because Peyton did so good in the dentist chair, we thought his follow-up fillings would be simple.  I was of course terribly worried about how in the world they’d give Peyton a shot – his last shots at the doctor did NOT go well.  However, the dentist quickly eased my fears: he said kids seem to tolerate the cool of the drill much better than the fear of the needle.  The hardest part was over – or so we thought. 

We reminded Peyton daily beginning a few days in advance about his appointment.  I took Lauren with me – I thought Peyton would be fine, and Lauren had a low-grade fever and an awful time when I tried to leave her with a sitter for his previous appointment.  He had a great morning; we didn’t have any trouble with getting dressed and out the door, but once we got into the chair, Peyton changed completely.  He was on edge – he didn’t want to wear their sunglasses (to protect his eyes from the light), and he HATED the bite block – it only lasted about 3 seconds before he pulled it out and shut down.  The dentist didn’t push, so we discussed the options: see a specialist right away, or try some anti-anxiety medication and one more appointment at our regular office. 

I chose the latter.  While we waited for our next appointment, we talked a lot about the dentist and the tools he uses.  We “practiced” with his sunglasses, the bite block, and of course a pretend drill.  We also did a bit of reinforcing (aka bribery and extortion).  Videogames are for big boys who get their teeth fixed, so Peyton couldn’t play or watch until his next appointment (1 week after the first appointment).  Candy, soda and sweets rot the teeth, so boys can only have candy when they are willing to get their teeth fixed – otherwise the candy will just make those teeth worse and worse.  But big boys!  Big boys who get their teeth fixed get bubblegum (in the car just WAITING for Peyton’s teeth to be fixed), sweets, root beer floats; and big boys who get ALL their teeth fixed at 4 appointments get a brand new VIDEOGAME!  Any one they want!  Peyton even reminded himself of these rules – “Mom, are icees sweet?  Oh man, then I can’t have any until my teeth get fixed…”  We also set up a playlist on Daddy’s ipod with all Peyton’s favorite songs. 

The night before the appointment, we ran through the dentist’s routine one more time.  Peyton seemed apprehensive – he finally admitted that he didn’t like the “doctor’s silly glasses.”  Of course!  The magnifying lenses scared him – that’s why he shut down.  So we talked about why the dentist wears them and what they do and how Peyton could close his eyes and listen to his music or he could count the horses on the picture on the ceiling.  He went to bed and it seemed things might go alright.

Don’t forget the meds.  The pharmacist said 2 ml didn’t seem like enough to have any effect on him, but the dentist checked his weight before prescribing, so I trusted him.  It was just supposed to help him relax, that’s it.  Just give him 2 ml 30 minutes before the appointment and he should be just relaxed enough to make it through a 20 minute appointment.

O.  My.  Goodness.  I might as well have given him a bottle of wine.

The medicine was a hallucinogen, but with such small dosage, it shouldn’t have affected him.  I gave him his meds just before we left to drop off Lauren at the sitter.  He wanted to get out to say hello to Miss Jenn.  It could have been the snow, but he fell flat on his face on the way to the door only 15 minutes after I gave him the drug.  When we got back into the car, I told him to buckle up.  We only had a couple minutes to get to the appointment, so I pulled out of the driveway and looked back at my happily grinning son who hadn’t moved.  “Peyton, buckle your seatbelt, honey!”  He just stared at me, his grin unchanging, but his eyebrows were slightly furrowed as he thought to himself, trying to figure out what I wanted.  “Peyton, buckle up!”  He reached backward, still grinning at me, still absently looking at me, his hand slowly trying to locate the seatbelt.  I pulled over and got out to buckle it for him.  He started giggling.  He talked to me a bit, but I don’t think he actually said anything.  When we got to the office, I carried him to the sidewalk because he was so slow to understand and carry out my instructions.  I set him down just outside the door and opened it – in slow motion, he looked up, crouched down as low as he could, his legs spread wide as though he was trying to get under a limbo bar, and cautiously watched the top of the doorway while he waddled in.  I believe he thought the ceiling was going to come down on him.  So I picked him up again and carried him to the counter. 

The nurse, who had been with us at the failed appointment, asked “How we doing this morning?”


And Peyton started laughing hysterically as he tried to stand up by himself, half crouched over, half tripping over his own feet even though stationary.  I tried to hold him up, but he was tipping and laughing and nearly tumbling around the waiting room.

Thankfully the nurse let us put him in the dentist’s chair so I didn’t have to attempt to keep him from falling over.

And he did great.  He was still unable to walk after the appointment, and he happily hugged the dentist in his drunken sort of way as we walked out of the building. 

Of course we went straight to Daddy’s work to tell him how good Peyton did…and to let Peyton recover from his upset tummy and sore head (hangover?) before he had to go to pre-school.

Hopefully the last dentist appointment will be his last experience with drugs/drunkeness.

Maybe I’ll get the video camera out for the next appointment.


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