March 10, 2009

Pixie (or Bella)

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Well, we’ve got a new doggy.  Daddy & Peyton have been checking pups on Craigs list for months.  I suggested we read through more information on the breeds and take a breed quiz to see what kind of dog would be best for our family – after all, we’ve given away 3 dogs already.  We didn’t think a new puppy would be a good idea – especially with Lauren so little and our questionable history on training a dog.  We knew we’d need an indoor dog since we don’t go out much in the winter.  Really dominant dogs don’t seem to work out well for our laid-back pace.  After more checking in and searching and researching and reading, we dropped an email to – they had a page dedicated to rehoming dogs, so I asked to be put on the list. 

She had a cocker spaniel – poodle mix she was ready to rehome in a month.  She bought the dog to breed her, but because the dog has very sensitive skin, the breeder didn’t think it responsible to put a bad gene into the breeding pool. 

So last Thursday we kept Pixie overnight while her owner was on a trip from near-Victoria (Canada) down to Marysville.  Lauren was only slightly afraid, and after a day she was in love.  Peyton was SO happy to have a puppy, and James and I were impressed with her obedience, her calm nature, and her patience with the kids…not to mention her non-shedding non-allergenic coat. 

And here we are, 5 days later, and Pixie’s sleeping on the floor.  We’ve trained her to use only a small square of the backyard for her toilet; she sits when we tell her to sit – even if the cat’s walking down the hallway.  She doesn’t chew the kid’s toys (which is good, because Lauren’s favorite activity is throwing toys out of the toy bins and sitting in the bins, as in the pic below).  She doesn’t scramble to lick up all the food Lauren tosses over the side – in fact, if we tell her to sit, she sits, no matter what.


So here she is – her name was Pixie, but since Peyton agreed to open his mouth for the dentist (more on that later 😉 he has the privilege of renaming her.  Her name is Bella (but we’ll see if it sticks).

  img_7138  img_7144


As you can see, Lauren adores her – she loves to gently pat Bella’s head and say “hi!” in her cute little voice, and Peyton has spent much time training Bella to sit and stay and of course follow him around 🙂


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