February 27, 2009

More Pics

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Here are a few pics – because it takes a while to upload pics and I want to get off the computer so we can watch this week’s LOST, there are more pics here http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLanding.action?c=vv8ykdd.a9u3aphl&x=0&y=-i0c8pu&localeid=en_US

img_7063Lauren has developed a love for talking on the phone…or at least for pushing buttons and occasionally muting or hanging up on people.

Like the black eye?  This occured on 2-18 when I fell off the back step onto my face. 


The next night I fell down in the kitchen – on the way down I cut just under my eyebrow from hitting the corner of the drawer I’d been playing in.

It snowed again 🙂  Wednesday morning was a rainy 45* – by lunch time I looked outside and saw rain mixed with snow, and only minutes later the snow was pouring down.  Only 4 hours later we had about 3 inches covering the ground.  I bought Lauren some snow pants from the clearance rack, so we pulled off the tags and tried them out early 🙂  They’re only a little bit too big 😉  She wasn’t sure enough to go anywhere, but after standing out there for a couple minutes she got happy enough to move her arms.



This was the best kind of snow: Wednesday it snowed half the day, Thursday was cool but beautiful, especially with the day off of school, so Daddy was home early, and Friday was so warm the snow is already almost gone. 



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