January 21, 2009

Going on Two

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Lauren is “walking” now!  She can go about 8 or 10 steps before falling down, but she’s learned how to stop and stand still to regain balance before taking a few more steps. 

Both kids have been having some crazy hair days lately – here are a few pics:

Last week Saturday


This morning:





As for me, I’ve been doing lots of spring cleaning.  Am I the only one who makes the house an even bigger disaster before I can get everything picked up and put away (and thrown out and donated?)

We’ve purchased some extra storage for Peyton’s closet and for the front hall closet; Peyton’s room has been very clean since we bought the toy bin from Target! 

We’ve also been very busy with James’ classes.  He started at Moody Bible College in an online program for a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies – a BSBS (yes, that’s a lot of BS).  It’s been a bit of a shock to both of us how much work is required, but now that we’re on the second week he’s getting the hang of what’s due and when.  Since it’s an online course, we had to figure out a lot of the guidelines from the syllabus without being able to question a prof face to face. 

And of course there’s Lauren – she’s decided in true anorexic fashion that she looks like a refrigerator even though she only weighs 16.5 lbs.  In other words, she doesn’t want to eat!  She learned how to wave her arms like ninja to protect herself from the evil spoonfuls of baby food.  If I work quickly, I can distract her with pieces of cheese – (one of the few things she will eat).  While she reaches for the cheese, there’s a brief moment when she opens her mouth – if I time it right, I can cram a spoonful in without any argument from Baby Girl.  Not only did she reject her dinner (though she ate the first half of the baby food at lunch time no problem); she also has been very finicky about nursing today.  She’s extremely obstinate and excessively opinionated (and she definitely did NOT in ANY way get that from me).  I’m getting really worn out from stressing about her eating habits, and she’s definitely sick of me sticking spoons in her face.  God help me!


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  1. Gramma said,

    Going on 2? She is only going to be 1 years old…..

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