January 14, 2009

Week Past

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Last post I complained about the passage of time.  So much has happened in the past week, which really seems ages ago.  Only a week ago, on Peyton’s birthday, we arrived in CA for my grandpa’s funeral, which was last Friday.  It was a blessed time, especially for Peyton, who shed many tears when it was time to leave Grandma and Papa’s.  We’ve been so busy in the past week that we never quite got around to wrapping Peyton’s miscellaneous birthday gifts.  He received such a big item from Grandma & Papa – a John Deere ride-on tractor, the Gator HPX – and he bought a DS with his Christmas/birthday money, so he hasn’t even thought about what we have for him.  Really it’s just a few small things, anyway – a computer program to work on his reading and math, some Diego phonics books, the Wall-e DVD, and that’s about it.  Nothing huge and exciting, but I supposed I still ought to wrap them.  His birthday party will be on Saturday, so perhaps we’ll let him open our gifts that evening.  In the mean time, he’s busy.  He was so proud to say he’d taken driving lessons with mommy (the reverse was somewhat complicated for him; we also had to talk about what to do when he gets stuck), but he also made sure to get out some driving gloves and a glass of water – can’t let the cup-holder go unused.  He spends the other half of his time begging to play his DS, but he sometimes suffers the consequences of bad choices, as videogames are one of the first things he loses.  Good choices or bad, we keep a tight rein on the game-playing because he gets cranky if he plays too long!

We’ve had a pretty good transition into being home, though it seems everything else is falling apart.  Lauren grabbed Grandma’s hair iron on Saturday and burned the palm and thumb of her right hand, so I took her in to the doctor on Tuesday.  She lost an ounce from a month ago, so now we’re back to getting hysterical about her growth.  She grew half an inch (maybe – sometimes we measure her length only to find that she somehow shrank), but her head stayed the same and her weight went down.  Doctor wants to do a sweat test to see if she has cystic fibrosis; given the other symptoms and the nature of the disease, I’m thinking she doesn’t have it, but doc would like to be able to rule it out.  At this point they’re looking in to where we’d do this; I’ll update you when plans are set.

But she’s so normal!  Today she took her first steps!  She often walks while holding just one hand, but this time Daddy let go of her while she was coming to me, and she took a step before I caught her!  Later in the evening I sat a few feet away from the couch, held her middle, then let go as she took three or four steps to get to Daddy and Peyton on the couch.  She did this repeatedly, though she sometimes seemed to do more falling onto the couch than arriving at it, but we did such cheering and clapping you’d think she’d done backflips to get there.


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