January 2, 2009


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Time has been going so fast!  Christmas vacation started two days early because of the snow, but it’s gone by so quickly.  We’ve done lots of cleaning and organizing and playing and sleeping and watching movies and reading books…and now we’re close to getting back into the regular schedule again.

Sort of.

School will probably make up the Christmas party on Monday since there was no school the Thursday or Friday before break.  I have two Christmas presents on the table in the entry – for Peyton’s teachers and for the kids’ book exchange. 

Peyton’s birthday is coming up on Wednesday, so we’re preparing for his birthday party, which is supposed to occur on Saturday the 10th.  Grandma and Papa bought him a…something big, and I’ve got to pick that up on Monday or Tuesday and somehow hide it from him until his birthday.  There’s a cake to be ordered and presents to be wrapped and party favors to be purchased and put together.

The most irregular certainty is my Grandpa.  He isn’t doing well at all – the doctors think he’ll be visiting with Jesus within a week, and my mom has watched his health fall at an alarming rate.  We’ll be heading down to California to be with my family when it’s time, which could be any day now, so our other plans and preparations are only half-hearted.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring? 

Yes, time moves so quickly.  Not long ago Grandpa let us hammer nails into random places in extra pieces of wood from his truck.  Then once we’d made a mess, we’d grow tired of that game and pull the rope from his garage to make a swing on the big tree in the front yard.  After we’d given him time to pick up the mess we’d made, and perhaps just enough time that he’d think he could get a moment’s peace, we’d be back at his feet begging him to play baseball with us, and of course he would.  On indoor days we weren’t at a loss – Grandpa had Hungry, Hungry Hippo and Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys.  Of course, our toys at home were bright and beautiful and new so that Grandpa’s toys at first appeared old and boring, but once one overlooked their color it was obvious that the classic toys were full of possibilities.  And how much more fun it is to build log cabins and strange machines in a fort!  Grandpa never seemed to mind when we filled his den with blanket-covered TV trays…perhaps because those were the only moments when we gave him peace. 

And now, though it feels like days, decades later, Grandpa is confined to his bed.  He walked well until West Nile bit him – he never quite recovered from that, though it was a few years ago.  His walker was sufficient at Thanksgiving, though he depended more and more on it.  At Christmas he needed a wheelchair, but days later he couldn’t even do that.  Now he barely has the energy to wake, and he has difficulty even with speaking.  My grandpa is passing away.

If I didn’t know where he was going to, I’d be worried, sad, afraid.  And I think he’d be those things, too.  But because of his life – his faithfulness, his love, his fortitude – he and I both know where he’s going and who’ll be there with him.  And though I don’t know when, time goes by so quickly that I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m there, too.

Time goes so quickly.  So many years ago, he was born, and years later, I was born, and years after that, Peyton came along.  And now Grandpa is going on into true life, while Peyton and I wait for Jesus’ return so we can go there, too.  How long, oh Lord?  Just a moment, because it seems that that’s all time is.


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