December 10, 2008

Don’t get too close

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:21 am by ogle3

Don’t get too close to your computer screen – you might catch what we’ve got.

Lauren’s nose drips constantly, Peyton coughs constantly, and I complain constantly.  James probably has the worst, since Lauren doesn’t mind the dripping, Peyton doesn’t mind the coughing, and I don’t mind the complainging.  James seems to feel the weakest, and not only is his nose dripping, but his throat is also so sore that he doesn’t feel like eating, and he still has to work through all of this.  Yes, he has sick days, but they don’t hire a sub for him; rather one of his coworkers will have to do James’ work on top of his own work, and the poor guy already has enough to take care of without that happening.

We saw the doctor yesterday because Peyton’s cough has been getting worse, so now Peyton’s got a small regimen of medications to take throughout the day.  We’ve added an oral steroid to help his lungs fight the asthma, and an antibiotic to get rid of the “chronic upper respiratory infection” to our previous treatment of the inhaler.

The doctor also checked Lauren’s ears, which were clear. 

And my mouth still hurts from a root canal on Monday, so I’m off to take some tylenol.


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