December 8, 2008

Back to the Routine

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:51 pm by ogle3

After a lovely time in So Cal, we’re back into our regular routine.  Peyton’s finally getting used to playing by himself again, Lauren quickly adjusted to sleeping in her own bed, and Ji Young is back in school and just about caught up on the work she missed.  

Winter is here – the weather is cold, and everyone is getting sick.  Lauren’s nose started running last night, and though it’s clear and thin (I know you wanted to know that), it’s still disgusting and bothersome.  Nursing is no fun when Lauren sounds like Darth Vader’s kin (insert sound effect here), and the frightening noise also makes it harder for her (and me) to sleep.  

Peyton is also somewhat ill – he’s had a cough since his September cold ended; it disappeared for a week (the week he had a 103* fever), but as soon as the fever subsided the cough returned.  At first it only came during the night and when he first woke up, and then it was nearly gone.   But then we went to post-fire California and it came back worse than it had been – now he was coughing not only during the night, but throughout the day as well.    The cough is triggered by his usually-mild asthma, but because it’s getting worse (like during bath tonight when Daddy thought for sure that Peyton was drowning), I see a doctor visit in the near future.

Daddy and I have our own issues – Daddy’s symptoms are similar to Lauren’s, including a runny nose and sore throat (though Lauren hasn’t mentioned that problem yet), and I had a root canal today.  I think I’d rather take the cold.  Something is definitely wrong when a girl who’s done labor sans meds is nearly brought to tears from having her jaw wrenched impossibly open for an absurd length of time (1 hour and 30 minutes to be exact).

So I’m going to go administer some medicines and tuck the kids in bed – milk for Lauren, an inhaler for Peyton, water for Daddy, and tylenol for my aching head.


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