November 16, 2008

Growing Up

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They’re growing again!

On Friday morning I caught Lauren trying to feed her baby doll a bottle.  Of course, she followed that imitation by sticking the bottle in her own mouth, but I was quite impressed that she was already imitating our behavior (although I don’t think I jam the bottle into Will’s mouth quite that hard).

Peyton hit every boy’s milestone this morning.

P: “Mom, I want a pet.”

Mommy: “We have the kitty.”

P: “I want a dog.”

M: “Daddy wants to get you a dog when you can help take care of it.”

P: “I can take care of it!”

M: “You would have to pick up it’s poop.”

P: [pause] “I wouldn’t do that.”

At least he is honest with himself 🙂

Sleep update: Lauren’s been waking up for a while – Friday night she woke up 4 times.  Last night, I decided I was going to be more stubborn than she is, so I sat over her crib when she woke up at 12:20 and rubbed her back while she stood in her crib and cried.  She walked back and forth in her crib, crying most of the time, for about an hour.  She fell to sitting once, but got back up again.  The second time she fell down, I laid her on her tummy.  She got up onto all fours, then gave up, laid her head down and went to sleep, almost an hour after she woke up.

I was SO proud.

I was double proud when she woke up at 5, but soothed herself back to sleep before Daddy could make it to her bedroom.  Our hour-long standoff was all it took!

She woke up at 7:30, and when Daddy brought her into our room, I second-guessed my feelings of success.  One of her legs was missing…or maybe misplaced is a better word.  Her right leg was stuck up inside the belly section of her jammies.  This must have happened after I left her, because I know her legs were in their normal locations when I left her sleeping at 1:30.

So tonight, I’m debating on whether I should sit next to her crib again if she wakes up, or maybe I should just hog tie her so she can’t stand up when she wakes.


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