November 14, 2008

Pic update

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Remember: you can click on the pics to see a larger image.

Bad hair day…and you might even be able to see her tooth…

img_6401  img_6406 

Caught red-handed.

img_6424  img_6427 

Peyton’s masterpieces: on the top, mommy driving the car.  The blue spot on the left is our home, and the darkish spot underneath is a butterfly.

The second picture is of Uncle Tyler playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.  Tyler is the big purple-headed smiley guy.  He’s holding the yellow wii-motes with classic controller attached.  Zach and a pokemon are on the television – notice the antenna on the top and the black speakers on the sides?  The blue person is “mom” – grandma – and she’s jumping.  She’s also wearing headphones for her ipod and a hat.  The red person is Papa, the brown one is Uncle Ryan, and notice baby Lauren on the floor, crawling?  Peyton is the blob next to the baby.


Here is Lauren in the middle of her favorite past-time – watching out the back window.  She’s currently watching daddy rake leaves.  The other is a pic of her looking adorable in holiday attire.

img_6391  img_6360 

Here’s a great close-up of her bad hair day…don’t miss her beautiful eyes.


Here’s a pic of Ji Young and Lauren watching TV in the morning before school.


And Peyton’s favorite face: the crazy one.  He’s ruined more nice family photos that way…



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  1. PaPa said,

    Where is PaPa in Peytons picture?

    Am I not part of his famiily?


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