November 6, 2008

More News!

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:21 pm by ogle3

Lauren just keeps hitting milestones!  She crawled a couple…inches, I suppose…today – she’s been scooting everywhere for months, it seems, but she’s really trying to keep her belly up off the floor lately.  She let go of me while standing up this evening, and she kept her balance for a good 5 seconds before she realizes she was on her own and grabbed my leg again.  How quickly she’s changing!  Just as exciting, though, is her clapping!  She started clapping today at lunch time, so now when I start saying patty cake she emphatically throws her arms out to the sides, then brings them together.  Like I noted yesterday, watch this weekend for a video update!  We’ll try to get clips of clapping, cruising and kissing.

Perhaps most exciting was our doctor’s visit today.  She’s finally growing along a proper curve.  That makes me happy, even if it’s only the 5th percentile for weight.  Doc says we don’t have to come in again for a month…hooray!

Peyton is also all better now.  He lost 3 lbs while sick this past week b/c he hardly wants to eat anything, but I have the feeling his appetite will be back with full force very soon.


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