November 5, 2008

9 months

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Lauren is 9 months!  We did pics today: here are a few highlights, or you can click this link to see all of Lauren’s 9 month pics. 

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At nine months, Lauren is cruising (though not very carefully) the furniture; she also walks from mommy to daddy while holding just one of our hands. 

She has one tooth (finally) and has become very skilled with the pincer-grasp, even transfering a cheerio from one hand to the other (and yes, into her mouth).  She loves feeding herself cheerios, so I’ve started serving up softer foods with our dinner – tonight we had extra carrots in the crock pot with the chicken – so she can be a big girl and feed herself some tiny bites of regular food.  She loved the sweet potato soup we had yesterday – thanks Amy VB for the recipe – and the tiny chunks of carrots and sweet potatos and even celery and onion were just the right size for her. 

She’s been waving for a few weeks now, but she’s grown from using the “heil hitler” style wave (I cringed every time she did it) to opening and closing her little fist – it’s so adorable!  She even waves in advance – when we walk through the hall, she knows someone will be in the other room so she puts her arm up while we walk.  She especially loves to wave at Ji Young, then she smiles coyly and pretends to be shy before she peeks to see if Ji Young is still waving at her.

Another skill she’s picked up in the last few days is making kissing noises.  She doesn’t blow them yet, but if you blow a kiss to her, she’ll make the sound right back.  The cutest part is watching her do it, since she sucks her top lip in to make it work.  I’ll try to get a video up in the next day or two.

Also mouth-related, Lauren is finally back into babbling and jabbering.  We hear tons of “mamama” and “dadadada.”  She also loves the “c” sound and will “cccccccccccccccccccc” at you for as long as she can.  She also made lots of “na” sounds today. 

Most important, Lauren actually slept through the night again last night.  I think she’s done that twice since September started.  It seems like she’s been sick for the last month, so I haven’t been tough on getting her to sleep; in fact, with her weight issues I usually try to feed her once during the night when she wakes up.  Hopefully last night was the start of a wonderful trend.

Another update – Peyton is sick now.  He’s had a fever 101-103 since Saturday, so we’ll be visiting the doctor tomorrow.  He acts mostly normal as far as his attitude goes, but he is much more lethargic than usual.  He has no other aches or pains, so I have no idea what’s wrong.  The scariest few minutes of my life occured on Tuesday afternoon – we almost rushed to the ER when the thermometer showed 105.7!  I’m not sure how the reading was that high because Peyton was actually acting healthy – he hasn’t really had much to eat since his fever started, but he was asking for food right before I took the temp.  I called James (who didn’t answer, of course) while Peyton had some tylenol and a popsicle, and by the time the popsicle was gone the fever was back down to 103.  And no, I’m not stupid enough to take the temperature in his mouth right after he ate a popsicle.  Half the time we take the temp under his arm and add a degree, and the rest of the time we take it under his tongue.  Anyway, we’ve got a check-up tomorrow with the doctor, so we’ll see why he’s got the fever.


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