October 15, 2008

Ladies’ Man

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:44 pm by ogle3

Peyton is quite the ladies’ man.

While Peyton was in swimming lessons with a girl from his preschool, I got to know the girl’s mother.  Apparently her little girl has such a crush on Peyton that she is too shy to talk to him.  The highlight of her school year was when she stood next to him in their class picture. 

Another little girl started coming to our house one day a week while her mom works.  She’s a year younger than Peyton, but she adores him…or in her own words, “I Loooooooooove Peyton.”  She even talks to her parents about how much she loooooooooves Peyton.

Today Peyton brought home a photo from a little girl in his class.  Scrawled on the back of the picture was, in the handwriting of a 4 year old, the girl’s name and phone number.


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