October 10, 2008

Standing and Swimming

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I logged in to brag about Peyton’s swimming, but before I could type I looked over and Lauren had pulled herself up for the very first time!  Of course, the forbidden stack of uno cards had lured her to reach beyond her toybox to the table above.  

She’s learned quite a few new things in the last week!  A week ago she learned to wave hello, and I swear she said Hi at least once (the other times it’s more of a very sweet “ah” sound).  A few days ago I saw her go from laying on her side to sitting straight up., then of course she pushed herself up to standing the day after – she scooted to James, pushed off his leg & stood up all by herself – she wasn’t even holding onto him!  Of course that only lasted about 3 seconds, but it was pretty awesome just the same.  

She’s also learned that she has opinions.  She doesn’t like when we take her toys away, but she’s claimed every single leaf and pebble the cat drags in.  It’s amazing – even with all of her own toys right in front of her, she spies the smallest variance in the carpet coloring and makes a bee-line towards it.  Her army crawl is impressively quick; we’re going to have to train to beat her to the leaves she wants to eat.  Or the paper on the floor this morning.  It slides around so nicely on the linoleum!  Until she ate a hole in it.  Then it did more sticking than sliding.  And she was NOT happy when I took it away.

But back to what I started this post for: Peyton is swimming!  He’s been in swimming lessons twice a week for a LONG time (it’s a LONG story…go read in July and August if you don’t already know), and he finally has an instructor who shows up at every lesson.  Vit has the kids treading water by themselves, jumping in the deep end and swimming to the side, and even swimming below the surface through a ring and back up again!  Peyton has really sensitive eyes that even bathwater irritates, so this is a major accomplishment for him.  He loves lessons, and he’s so close to swimming completely on his own, so we signed him up for one more session of lessons.  I’ll try to take a video of his lessons next week if possible.


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