September 27, 2008

It must be the salmon

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Long, long ago Peyton used to be a good eater.  Anything that turned up on his plate made it into his mouth.  He even really liked a lot of the different tastes I put in front of him.

Then, for a long time, the foods that turned up on his plate only turned up his nose.  He didn’t like anything on the table, regardless of whether he’d eaten it before, or even of how much ranch he could smother it in.  Every night he requested the same meal – cheese noodles (aka alfredo).  He would eat the other meals, but he would usually proclaim them “yucky” and eat as little as possible to stay alive. 

Lately (over the past few weeks) he’s been more willing to try the different foods, and often after the initial reaction of disgust and despair, he’s taken a few bites and enthusiastically deemed the meal “yummy!”  He’s beginning to develop more favorites (now he likes potato soup in addition to cheese nooodles), and he’s more willing to approach the table with a positive attitude.

Including fish!  He loves salmon and requested salmon from last night’s dinner over grilled cheese, meat and cheese sandwich, and even macaroni and cheese (notice a motif?). 

And to segwey into the pics I want to post, his intelligence with the alphabet and writing must be a result of the DHA in the salmon.  Here’s his recent project – he loves to sound words out and write them down on his white board, so to help him get used to properly sizing letters, we picked up a booklet of writing paper from the thrift store today.

As you can see, he does have a bit of practicing to do – Daddy wrote out the line in the middle so Peyton could practice copying the ones he’d done backwards.  All in all, though, Peyton amazes me with his penmanship…our doctor doesn’t even write that clearly!  (Or perhaps Peyton’s clear penmanship means he won’t be a doctor himself?)

Here’s a pic from Peyton’s illustration a few days ago – he drew a chocolate chip cookie (the brown circle with dark brown chocolate chip polka dots in it), then he wanted to write cookie monster.  He sounded it out with me – I make the letter/word sounds and he guesses which letter and writes it.  Just below cookie monster he wrote “im” all by himself – I asked him what it meant, and he said “mmmmmmmmm!” so he added a few more “m”s for effect.

Not only do I have a sweet, bright little boy, but I also have my good eater back, and ever since I mentioned that to him at the dinner table, he loves to remind me that “Mommy got her old Peyton back.”

And of course this wouldn’t be a post without a pic of sweet girl and Peyton watching TV together (we don’t want him to get too smart, you know).  You can pray for Lauren – she still needs to gain weight but is getting less and less interested in eating as she gets more and more interested in the noises around her.  Also, whether it’s teething or the nasty cold Peyton got a week ago, she’s got a fever…so pray that I…I mean, she… gets some sleep!


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