September 7, 2008


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Peyton realized that Lauren is older than he is.  Lauren is seven, and Peyton is only four.  I tried to explain that Peyton is really 55 months (or so), but he wasn’t quite grasping the idea.  Perhaps that’s why multiplication doesn’t come in until 3rd grade.

Here’s a clip including a few of Lauren’s recent accomplishments.  Each is explained below.  FYI the first clip is from mid-August, the second from today.

Lauren learned how to scoot herself around.  She’s been rolling everywhere and rotating around for a few weeks, but this past week she’s become a proficient scooter. 

Lauern has also learned how to express herself.  How to make herself heard.  She screeches at the top of her lungs.  She especially loves to do this at the dinner table when I’m not feeding her fast enough.  She even experiments with pitch – she tries to make her voice so high that she can barely be heard at all, but I’m surprised every dog within a mile’s distance isn’t showing up at our door.

One of Lauren’s favorite activities is being like her brother.  When Peyton was a baby he would lift his entire lower half off the ground, then slam his feet against the floor.  Lauren recently has become fond of doing the same.

On another note, the weather has been beautiful this weekend – several of our friends were camping out at Birch Bay State Park, so we joined them for a few hours on the beach this afternoon.  Peyton had so much fun standing in the water and letting the waves crash against him; he’s a California boy through and through.  Lauren kept rolling off the blanket to play in the dirt and grass and I kept moving her back into the middle.  Daddy and the other daddies played lawn golf…yeah, I’d never heard of or seen it, either, but apparently it does exist. 

Anyway, I’m off to bed soon.  I’m subbing at LC this week to cover for an English teacher who lost her mom.  I started on Friday and had SO much fun…I suppose I could teach full time, as long as I didn’t have to do any lesson planning or grading!  The schedule is marvelous – I’m able to come home for all but one feeding each day, so I get to visit with Lauren and make sure she’s eating well…especially since she’s already so skinny!  Peyton was bigger than she is now when he was only 3 months old!  But I’m so glad this is only one week…my house is already starting to get messy again!


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