August 29, 2008


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Here are a few pics that I’ve wanted to upload but haven’t had the time:

From two weeks ago, Lauren sitting up on her own.  For about two seconds.  She likes to kick her feet, which isn’t a good habit to have the still feet are necessary for proper balance.  She can balance for about 10 seconds now as long as she doesn’t kick her feet!

I tried a split pea soup recipe.  It said to be very careful when blending the soup because the soup is hot.  I thought heat was the problem.  [I think] this is what happens when blending hot substances.  In Daddy & Tyler’s language, we had a blowout.  Here’s the aftermath.

Here’s a cute pic of Peyton and Lauren.  They really do look a LOT alike.

Peyton put his creativity to work to create this computer.  You’ll notice the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, and even a webcam so he can Skype with Uncle Tyler.  He even told Grandma At about a conversation he had with Uncle Tyler on this computer.

And I’m going to bed now.  RIGHT now.


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