August 20, 2008


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We’re experiencing an early fall here – the temps were in the 60s this week and it’s been cloudy and rainy for the last couple days. 

James has been ridiculously busy at school, especially since the construction wasn’t finished on time.  When I see other teachers they ask me how it feels to be a widow or they suggest that they’re holding James hostage.

I was offered a one-class position at the high school, but after a serious struggle I decided not to take it.  I’ll be watching a friend’s little guy and would be bringing him, Lauren and Peyton to Miss Jenn, the lady who watched Peyton while I was working before Lauren arrived.  If it were that simple, I may have taken the job.  To save money, I could have switched Peyton into afternoon pre-school.  I’d have to drop him off there Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00; I’d bring the other kids to Jenn’s a little after 2 (except on Wednesdays, when I’d have to be at school at 1:40).  On Tuesday Peyton would go to Jenn’s with the other kids.  On Thursday I wouldn’t have to work because of block scheduling.  Notice naptime didn’t quite make it into the plans.  Because I just can’t seem to make it all fit, I decided life will be happier if I stay home.  I really miss teaching – I feel sad when I hear Steven and his friends talking about which teacher they’ll have next year and I know I’m not on the list!  But I have enough things to do – I’ve been doing some serious cleaning and organzing here in preparation for Ji Young, our international student, who will arrive on Saturday.  Some of our friends had a lot of old particle-board shelving units (along with tons of toys etc.), so Peyton and I enjoyed our own personal garage sale without having to pay for anything.  Currently Peyton’s and Lauren’s closets are cleaned and organized, and there are a few more units in the garage that I’ve painted red and plan to put in the front room for toy storage.  If I have time and find a way to get several paint colors without having to pay too much, I want to paint roads and trees and lakes and train tracks on one side so the kids can play cars on it.  I also plan on painting two more cubes to place in the entry with a pad over the top so we have a place to sit down, take shoes off, and (most importantly) stow the shoes until we need them again.

Peyton is SO ready to go back to school.  He’s been excited for months, but now only a few more days are left before he goes back!  His favorite part of going back to school: getting to wear his new clothes and his new shoes.

Lauren is growing like a weed.  She’s been especially interested in jabbering and screeching lately – and Peyton is certain she understands what she’s saying.  Lately instead of crying she whines “mamamamamama.”  When she wakes up after naps, she jabbers “mama” for a while.  Today Peyton thought it hysterical when she looked at him and gleefully shouted “mama!”  I also mentioned screeching – I’ll try to post a video in the near future.  She gets SO excited about the cat that her entire body stiffens up and she screeches with the highest pitch and the loudest tone she can muster.  She also “talks” to Peyton in this voice, which is unfortunate because these screeches are ear-piercing!  Her teeth are almost in…hopefully they come in soon because she’s been grouchy lately!


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