August 13, 2008

Bad Day

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Today was a bad day – goodbye to Uncle Tyler & Uncle Ryan, a LONG appointment for pictures at Sears gave mommy a headache by 12:45, but a forgotten wallet (ie hungry mommy no eat lunchy) topped it all off.  Thankfully Peyton didn’t forget his wallet, though he was restricted to two items from the dollar menu while Mommy ate granola bars on the way home.  And of course Lauren had just enough nap in the car to stay awake for a few more hours at home…

Alas, we did score a couple timeless shots:

I love this picture.  Peyton wasn’t actually going to be in the pics today, but he decided when we arrived that he REALLY wanted to be in the picture.  He’s been dressing himself in his desire to be an “adult” – yes, he uses that word – and he picked out a great shirt for today.  What you can’t see: white stains on the shirt from toothpaste, black socks pulled high up the legs and dirty brown shoes.  But hey, this pic turned out great, so I’m glad he insisted on being in a few shots.

We had a hard time getting Lauren to smile – the photographer was new (hence the LONG appointment) and didn’t know how to make the baby smile.  Peyton and I did our best, but Lauren didn’t seem terribly interested in smiling.  Here IS one of her cute moments.

Here’s another cute one – I LOVE this dress.  I actually bought it when Peyton was going to be a girl…that is, when the doctor guessed that Peyton was a girl.  Of course, the cropping isn’t good, so we didn’t actually order this one, but I thought I’d post it anyway.

The rest of the pictures are available here if you’re interested.

Check back in the next few days – I’ll post more pics from the last few weeks.


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