July 31, 2008


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Here are some pics from the past week:

Lauren in an outfit my Grandma VM brought back from Hawaii for me when I was a baby

Peyton has been a HUGE angels fan since James gave up his old hat.  He begged that we dress Lauren in angels clothes, but since Lauren’s girly-clothes are still a bit too big, we pulled out Peyton’s old angels outfit and snapped some pics

Miscellaneous Peyton & Lauren picture

Here start the vacation pics:  On Sunday – after church, of course – we (Uncle Gordon, cousin Lisa, sis-in-law Brandi, brother Brad, Lauren and I) drove up to Mount Baker to hike. 

We started up where 12 feet of snow sat piled up around the parking lot.  Here’s Lisa climbing the snow wall.

We thouroughly enjoyed the snow – even sliding down this steep hill on our bums.  Lauren seemed to enjoy the trip 🙂

Brad was very proud of himself.

After the REALLY snowy area (Artist’s Point) we went down to the Bagley Lake trails and trekked around that area.  There were a few steep snowy sections that we crossed, but some were unsafe because the water was eroding the snow, so we had to turn back.


Before going to the top, we stopped at Nooksack Falls.

The snow at Baker was especially fun because the day before we’d been in bathing suits at Lake Padden.  Okay, well, not really bathing suits…that is, I thought James had grabbed the bathing suit bag from the entry way, but he thought I’d grabbed the bag, so our suits were at home…but we enjoyed the lake anyway.

Peyton had a blast – he scored kayak rides from Uncle Brad, Uncle Gordon and Lisa.  He also swam out in the Lake with Uncle Brad & Uncle Gordon.


Here’s Daddy and baby girl 🙂

Peyton also spent some time playing “crispy” – frisbee – with everyone.


When we went to Baker, we left Peyton at home with Daddy because Peyton was SO tired from being up late the past few nights and skipping naptimes.  To make up for it, since Peyton REALLY wanted to go hiking, we spent Monday checking out various Bellingham parks.  Here Peyton & Uncle Brad are scouting for fish in Bellingham’s Whatcom Falls park. 


And of course we spent time at Uncle Gordon’s – sitting around the campfire, playing croque (sp??  I don’t think I’ve ever written that word before) and throwing the frisbee.

We had a blast – it was so much fun to see Uncle & Auntie and to spend so much time outside.  I’d forgotten how much fun hiking is!


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