July 19, 2008

Ninja Warrior

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Lauren is practicing to be a ninja warrior.  For the past week she’s developed lunging-action and grabs at  anything within three feet of her.  Making dinner has become much more difficult and therefore also more time consuming because of the grabbing hands that didn’t used to get in the way. 

Eating dinner has also become an adventure.  Almost a month ago, when we first started Lauren on baby food, I had been giving her a tablespoon of food every time we sat at the table to eat.  Only a week into this routine we stopped to eat at Taco Bell on the way home from Bellingham because Lauren was ready to eat.  Except that I didn’t bring baby food for her – I didn’t realize she was very much into the eating routine.  I nursed her, then my food arrived.  Do you know how impossible it is to eat a bean burrito while holding a ninja in training? 

We stuck with the regular food routines for a while after that.  Lauren would smack her lips every time I set the table and put her in her high chair.  From peaches and pears, apples and bananas, to green beans and squash, Lauren loves her food.  And when her food isn’t coming fast enough, she takes matters into her own hands.

Like tonight.  Tonight big brother was throwing a fit at dinner time, so while I usually do not leave Lauren’s food on her high chair tray because of her ninja lunges, tonight I was more focused on getting big brother to his room.  While I talked to him in his room, I heard Daddy and Uncle Tyler snickering at the table.  When I came back, Uncle Tyler was prying Lauren’s bowl out of her hands while she screamed in protest. 

She was hungry.  I wasn’t there to feed her.  She solved the problem herself. 

Notice the fixed look of concentration and determination in her eyes.

Here’s a look of deep satisfaction at her success.

Look at that apparent shock at the results of her venture.  Ninjas are so deceptive.

And a closer look at the green beans on her clothes (although I notice it sort of blends into her clothes in these pics – let’s just say the large smear above her right leg isn’t supposed to be there)

Now that I think of it, most of Lauren’s ninja moves are related to grabbing at food…maybe ninja isn’t Lauren’s path.  Maybe Lauren wants to be a sumo warrior?


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