June 25, 2008

Vacation Wrap-Up

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We’re home as of yesterday at noon.  All went well despite a few set-backs that seemed major at the moment:

When I completed web check-in through alaska, I had to note that I’d be bringing Lauren.  I even had to type in her name.  I’d never done this before, so I wasn’t aware that her name was supposed to print on my ticket.  In fact, after I had already waited in the check-baggage line and in the security line, only then did one of their employees rudely inform me I couldn’t take my baby with.

So we said goodbye to Lauren and boarded the plane.

Just kidding.  We had to go back to the first line and since I didn’t want to wait in it, I asked a free employee if we had to wait in line.  She tried to help us (for 10 minutes) but didn’t know what she was doing, so she handed us off to another employee who fixed the problem within 3 minutes.  They printed the letters INF after my name.  I could have done that.

So we ran back to the security line…which had doubled in size.  We only had about 30 minutes before our plane was supposed to take off at 6:45 am, and I was quite nervous.  The line was moving pretty quickly, though, and I managed to keep Lauren happy even though she hadn’t eaten since the night before. 

After they finally figured out how to fit Lauren’s carseat through the x-ray machine, we ran to the gate.  They had already boarded families with small children, so I asked the attendant if we could board – Lauren was hungry.  He blocked the way and rudely said no.  The woman at the front of the line said we could cut in front of her, which was nice since her son played peekaboo with Lauren.  Apparently they needed to change some lightbulbs – they didn’t let us on the plane for another 20 minutes. 

We were finally on the plane at 6:45, which was supposed to be take-off time.  I had Lauren’s carseat with hopes that there’d be an empty seat next to us.  When I scheduled our flight, I bought seats A and C hoping no one would buy seat B in the middle, but when they added Lauren to my ticket that morning, they switched us to seats D and F (there’s no seat E…why is that?).  I tried to stow the carseat in the overhead bins, but it didn’t fit.  Ack.  Thankfully the flight attendant took it and offered to find us seats or check it for us.  When he said “No problem,” I realized that was the FIRST person who hadn’t had a problem with us that morning. 

Well, there were several empty seats on the plane, but because of the delays he didn’t have a chance (or the guts) to ask anyone (literally, one) to move for us, so I ended up holding Lauren for the ride.  I had fed her as soon as we sat down, then stalled her with plans to feed her again on the way up to help her ears pop.  She fell asleep right before takeoff (7:40 ish) and stayed asleep for the first hour of the flight, which was a blessing.  Peyton watched Cars and drank two glasses of juice.  With 20 minutes left we stowed the DVD player and I asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom, explaining that he wouldn’t be able to go once the seatbelt sign came on.  He assured me he didn’t need to go.  As we began our descent, I fed Lauren to help her ears.  She ate too quickly.  5 minutes later she was done and crabby because her ears hurt, and Peyton got a bit crabby too, which was unfortunate since there’s only one of me. 

Suddenly Peyton decides he’s gotta go, and he’s gotta go now.  The steward who had initially helped us with the carseat was collecting trash, so I asked him if it would be okay for Peyton to use the restroom.  He sent Peyton to the front lavatory by first class – there was a stewardess up there to help him.  Lauren and I stayed in our seats and watched Peyton run to the front of the plane.  I saw him look for the stewardess who wasn’t there.  Apparently she was IN the lavatory.  The steward finished collecting trash and went to open the door, realizing the stewardess was inside.  Peyton waited, the stewardess was surprised when she came out, then Peyton used the restroom by himself and ran back to us, fighting the uphill slant of the plane. 

Lauren cried until we landed, but once we touched down we didn’t have any trouble after that.  James and Tyler met us by baggage claim, and we made it home by around 1.  It was so nice to sleep in my own bed last night!


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