June 15, 2008

Happy Dads’ Day

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Daddy & Uncle Tyler made it home Saturday afternoon – Peyton misses them (and the Super Smash Bros. video game Tyler took) terribly.  While they drove home, Mom and the kids and I made the drive up to Uncle Brad & Aunt Brandi’s (and Kiera’s, their cute puppy dog) house in Ventura.  Peyton loved the fort/treehouse/swingset in the back and Lauren slept half the time.  We went with them to a place called the Cross – it’s up high on a hill (along with signs that warn of mountain lions and bobcats) and overlooks the ocean.  We snapped a few shots of the beautiful view after carefully parking Lauren’s stroller AWAY from the steep edge.  There Peyton worked on giving me heart-attacks.  He never got too close to the edge, but 5 feet is close enough for Mommy.

Happy Father’s day!  Today we had a small lunch party with Grandpa Van Maanen, Papa, & mom.  Lauren and I aren’t on the list because she fell asleep a few minutes before lunch, so I layed down for a short nap that turned into a long nap.  I had leftovers later – I think they tasted better after my nap than if I’d eaten them warm while exhausted.  We skyped with Daddy and Uncle Tyler and also with Grandma and Grandpa Zak out in New Jersey.  Skype is awesome.

And now it’s time for bed…especially since Peyton didn’t take a nap today.


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