June 8, 2008

long time no write

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:36 pm by ogle3

Sorry for the brief hiatus – packing for 3, updating Lauren’s baby album and trying not to forget anything made blogging impossible for a few days.

But I am on vacation now, so don’t expect a daily entry! 

The drive was fine – Lauren was happy until she was hungry or tired, but those were easy to remedy.  She was quite uncertain when we first arrived.  Well-meaning grandma, uncle Ryan and Papa tried to hold her.  She wasn’t very happy about that, and she let us know by sreaming bloody murder for several minutes even after I took her back.  She’s doing better now and has let several different people hold her.

On the drive, Peyton alternated between coloring, videos and talking, and though there were a few questionable moments, the rest of the drive he really impressed me.  He’s overly excited to be here, so he’s been getting into trouble here and there, but after another day or two he should be adjusted and better behaved.

Tomorrow we’re planning to visit Valley Christian – I want to see the new building and visit with some former teachers and co-workers.  Tuesday is Disneyland, Wednesday morning we’ll be see Uncle Tyler play at school, and Thursday is Tyler’s graduation.  I’m glad I’m staying an extra week – I don’t have to cram all my friends into that space!


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