May 30, 2008

Meeting Ji Young

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:33 pm by ogle3

Many of you know that we are going to have an international student living with us next year.  James and I met her a few weeks ago at a dinner for host families.  Today after school we picked up Ji Young for an afternoon together. 

Peyton had a blast.  He’d been talking about her for days in anticipation of the planned dinner together, and I believe she lived up to his expectations.  She played tag with him, she drew on his white board with him, she played basketball/soccer with him, and she played wii games with him.  Of course, Peyton didn’t like losing (especially on the wii), but we finally found a game where they could be on the same team and we didn’t have a problem after that.  He was very excited to spend time with her, and she seemed to enjoy him as well.

Hopefully she’ll feel the same way after hearing his loud voice at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning.


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