May 24, 2008

Family photo shoot

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:18 pm by ogle3

The slip’n’slide wasn’t what Peyton had hoped.  I forgot that he likes water in his face about as much as I do.  So he sat on it while we turned its sprinklers as low as they go.  I tried to put Lauren’s hand in the stream – she didn’t like it very much.  And she especially didn’t like it when Peyton jumped on the hose and the pressure squirted her in the face.  She was quite angry.

She was even more angry when it happened again a few minutes later.

Oh, and did I mention that she hates – no, abhors – the bath?  She screams bloody murder from the minute I put her down on the rug to take her clothes off until the minute I take her out of the bathroom.  I really hope she grows out of this.  And soon!

We haven’t taken any family pics since Lauren was born, so I finally attempted the timer.  Here are the best results – Lauren decided she was finished with pics before I was finished.  Of course, there’s something very wrong in the second pic.


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