May 23, 2008


Posted in Uncategorized at 9:11 pm by ogle3

Lauren’s been rolling side-to-side for several weeks now, but yesterday she finally coordinated her limbs and rolled all the way over.  Of course she was mad afterwards – maybe she didn’t like where she ended up, or maybe she was scared at having moved herself so quickly – and she didn’t do it again for a while.  In the evening, though, she rolled over quite a few times (and each time screaming to be put back).

She has only laughed once or twice more since her first episode a few days ago – that seems to scare her, too.  Oh yeah, I have also found that scaring brother while holder her is not a good idea.  She doesn’t like jumping out of the pantry and hearing someone yell “boo.”

And she also doesn’t like it when brother starts crying in the car while we’re in the McDonald’s drive through.  Of course, Mommy doesn’t really like that either.  Especially since it’s almost impossible to order with two children screaming from the back seat.  And I forgot to get the ice cream I really wanted.


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