May 18, 2008

Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Because James plays guitar for the church service 3 out of 4 Sundays a month, Peyton, too, wishes to display his talents on the church’s stage.  Interestingly, James is not the only father on the worship team, nor is Peyton the only son who wants to be like his daddy.  Last week when I spoke with the worship leader’s wife I found out that their son Michael, who is in Peyton’s Sunday school class, also begs to perform with his Daddy. 

It wasn’t a surprise, then, when the children’s ministry director called last week and asked if Peyton would be a drummer boy again for this morning’s Sunday School finale.  Despite my chagrin that I had thrown out the drum from his previous stint as drummer boy of the Christmas program (he was never happy with the strap length, so I spent more time adjusting it than he did playing), I said okay – I knew Peyton would love to be on stage again.


And he did.  He seemed to take his part in “Sonlight’s very own Drum band” very seriously, not smiling until he’d finished the offering song.  After the offering, he got a second 15 minutes of fame as the preschooler’s sang a few songs.  Besides being bugged by the kid next to him, who kept covering Peyton’s eyes, Peyton did a great job.  He knew all the words and sang them with all his heart, and he knew all the motions and used all of the space his arms could reach to do them.

Here’s the annoying kid who kept bugging Peyton (Peyton is in the center in blue):

And Peyton singing very seriously.  He only gave a shy smile once he’d finished his part.  

Today was as beautiful as yesterday, but much cooler, thank goodness.  Today was perfect.  After church we picked up McDonald’s to celebrate Peyton’s great singing.  After nap we spread a blanket in the shade of our neighbors’ trees and played for a while.  Peyton finally had the chance to hit a baseball- he’s been begging to play ball for weeks!  When we went back inside, Daddy held Lauren while Peyton & I wrestled around on the carpet, pretending to eat each other.  Lauren must find cannibalism hilarious – she learned how to laugh!  She seemed to frighten herself when she did it, though, because she’d giggle, then immediately become quite serious again, as though contemplating what in the world just came out of her.

Remember the pudding & strawberries that we tried a few days ago?  We’re not going to be doing that any more.


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