May 16, 2008

In addition

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In addition to the message Peyton so phonetically spelled out for you, here are a few details from today:

(but first a pic of LE girl from the start of May)

Today was beautiful!  It’s hard to believe that only 2 weeks ago that we bundled up for dinner and a bonfire at Uncle Gordon’s.  The sun came up bright and early, and with it came Lauren.  That was a bit disappointing, as she and I were in Canadia with LC’s NHS last night until 11:30.  Speaking of, they let me across the border and back with her, no problem, and Lauren was no problem on her first bus ride ever, her first Canadian dinner at Earl’s, her first chicken hunan with 3 peppers (I had ordered one, but they accidentally switched my 1 with Lambert’s 3), and her first play – Can’t Take it With You at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver.  She slept through the play, which started at 8:00, aka bedtime.  Of course all the students with us and all the adults we ran into at the play were gushing over her…after all, she is SO adorable!  But I’m off topic here, so…

Today was beautiful (despite our WAY to early wake-up call) – Peyton and I breakfasted and dressed in hot-weather clothes for the first time this year, then we took off for a lovely walk to the #2 park, Bender Fields.  Lauren was wide awake and more than happy to smile at me or watch the scenery; she was also quite curious about her big brother, who seemed to glide along next to her while singing and gesturing excitedly and making some sort of racket.  Of course, from her stroller-vantage point, she was unable to see his big wheel. 

The walk to the park was hot, but it felt so like summer!  Lauren and I stretched out on a picnic blanket while Peyton played on the swings and slides.  She and I stretched our bare feet out into the long blades of grass – a new sensation for her.  I brought along a book, but I preferred to watch Lauren grin at her toes.  She gave her first ever half-laugh there – Peyton was swinging upside down, so to speak, with his belly on the seat of the swing.  Lauren loved his silly movements and his laughter, so she joined in with her best effort.


At home we pulled out Peyton’s little swimming pool and filled it with a few inches of water; he played outside while I fed Lauren and made lunch for Peyton and me.  We picnicked in the backyard before nap time for all. 

After nap we realized that Peyton and I both burned in the sun, so we applied the Mary Kay after-sun replenishing gel on Peyton.  We stayed indoors for the afternoon, cleaning the house and getting ready for dinner, and daddy came home early. 


After our BBQ chicken dinner, I made some 5-minute chocolate pudding and cleaned strawberries.  Peyton wasn’t very excited about the pudding, so I exercised my creative mind.  I plopped a few spoonfuls of pudding on a large piece of foil and told him to fingerpaint 🙂  We’ll try writing letters tomorrow, but for tonight I just let him “color.”  I also handed him a few strawberries that he used as pens in the pudding.



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