May 13, 2008


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Our lives seem boring – there hasn’t been anything exciting to blog on for the past week, but here’s a post anyway to let you know we’re still alive.

We’re counting down to our SoCal vacation – it’ll be nice to see everyone again!  I’m so excited to show off our baby girl who gets more adorable every day 🙂  We dream of Carl’s Jr., Disneyland, Jamba Juice, Pazookie…oh, and of seeing everyone again, of course…

We had pictures taken of Lauren this morning, so as soon as I pick out which ones I want to keep, I’ll post the cutest little pics ever…well, until I take more pics of her, anyway.

Tyler (my youngest brother) got his first job – he’s planning to live with us for about a month this summer while he works in the berries. 

I read the first 7 books in the Left Behind series.  Since my last post.  [maybe that’s why life seems too boring to blog about]

Lauren will make her first trip into Canadia on Thursday – she’s my date on an NHS field trip to dinner and a show.  Hopefully the border crossing guards will let me keep her.  She’s so cute, though, I’d not be surprised if they confiscate her.

Now that I’ve updated you on the excessively exciting events in our lives, I’ll pray you don’t die of jealousy…especially when you hear this last upcoming event:  tomorrow is grocery shopping day!


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  1. Tina said,

    If you ever come down to Seattle, there is a Jamba Juice near SPU in the Queen Anne neighborhood! =)

    I’m glad to hear that you are all doing well!

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