May 4, 2008

Earrings and Spelling Bees

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Today was quite eventful – and it started quite early.  Last night was the JSB (junior senior banquet) that I’ve been busy working on for the last few months and stressing over for the last few days (weeks).  Things went [mostly] well; I hear the kids had a great time, and that’s what counts, although the night wasn’t totally uneventful. 

But I digress – because we had JSB, Lauren’s last meal was at 6, which is an hour or two earlier than usual, so I had pity on her an hour or two earlier than usual this morning…like 4 am.  Thankfully she fell back asleep, although I didn’t quite get to do the same…or at least I don’t think I did.  It’s kind of a blur, and I didn’t really feel like I’d slept any more when she woke again at 6:00.  Since Peyton also woke up shortly after 6, I decided I might as well get up and make breakfast, so Lauren and I went to the kitchen to make pancakes. 

After breakfast, Peyton surprised me with his growing interest in words and spelling.  He asked me how to spell one simple word after another, but rather than just give him the letters, we talked about the sounds.  Through Socratic method (asking questions rather than giving answers), Peyton was able to spell all of these words on his own!  From water, cup and milk in the kitchen to soap, hair and toothbrush in the bathroom, he demonstrated good knowledge of the letters and sounds.  Even more exciting was his progress – in our first word he had a hard time remembering which letter makes the “rrrrr” sound, so I eventually gave him the answer.  At the end of our spelling bee he asked about another word with an “rrrr” sound in it, but after a brief pause, he remembered on his own.  My growing boy!  He loves to look at books and has been more and more interested in reading them himself – I guess I know what we can work on this summer!

Lauren, too, grew up a bit more today – we got her ears pierced.  I don’t know how in the world people can be confused about gender when there’s pink or purple all over her, but now she’s unmistakably female.  Our timing was great – because Mother’s day is coming up the store was having a huge sale, so I basically got a pair free and a pair at half price with the purchase of her piercing studs.  We picked out cute little gold butterflies with “diamond” wings and tiny red strawberries.  She wasn’t very enthused with the piercing part, but she quickly forgot once we were walking around the mall again.

In between the spelling and the earrings we visited Front street for the Holland Days festival.  We were there before it really started, but we did show some support for my NHS students who were working – we bought a pair of tiny Klompen for a race down the canal.  Peyton decorated his with pink and blue markers, and I drew a blue flower under Lauren’s name on her shoe.  We put both shoes in at the same time, but Peyton’s wasn’t doing quite as well as he hoped, so he helped it along…yes, an illegal move, but Lauren didn’t care.  In fact, she wasn’t even awake.  So after Peyton won a few more races, we went to visit some friends from church in their chocolate shop (:-)).  Peyton had the usual – a small vanilla ice cream cone – and I had a peppermint truffle…and later a huge chocolate-covered strawberry 🙂 

On top of the northwest WA update, there are some things going on in So Cal – Uncle Tyler (my littlest brother- 14 years old) is not feeling well.  He’s in the hospital (as of 2 am Sat. morning) with some sort of infection in his blood.  He went in for vomiting, dehydration and increased heart rate, but he got stuck there due to the addition of a fever.  They’re giving him tons of fluids and antibiotics.  Please pray for him to get better!

Lunch, nap, dinner…and now time for bed 🙂


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