April 16, 2008


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I mentioned in a much earlier post that I’d blog on the creation of Lauren’s valance, so here goes…

We bought a crib set for Lauren from babies r us.  The set came with one valance, sized for a picture-size window.  Lauren’s window is double that, so we had the piece hanging up over half of her windows for several weeks while I contemplated what to do.  I didn’t really want to spend the 20 or 30 plus shipping to get another one, but it was so dang cute I didn’t want to just put it away.

Then I had an epiphany –

The crib skirt.  It perfectly matched the valance, with the exception of the purple bands that the valance hangs from (a style that I wasn’t crazy about anyway).  The crib skirt has 4 sides, but one side would always be against the wall, so I could cut it off and no one would know! 

I measured the length, and it was perfect!  I cut off the purple bands and sewed a piece of scrap fabric to the back so the valance would have something to hang from, and wallah – and only a trained eye will see that the original valance had little purple bands on the top. 

I’m quite pleased 🙂  My current sewing project – I make baby towels out of a regular-sized towel and wash cloth.  I recently made one to gift a friend who had a baby and Peyton saw me making it.  He insisted that Dylan get one to match the one I made for Peyton (that Lauren now uses).  Peyton picked out some of my spare fabric and I created the “washcloth” head-piece, so now I just need to finish the “towel” body piece and sew them together.

In ALL the free time I have.


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