April 16, 2008

The Quotable Peyton

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:52 pm by ogle3

Peyton found the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour CD and insisted on listening to it…not only does he love the music, but he insists that I’m wrong about the lyrics.  Here are his versions of the songs from that CD and a few others –

Soda….the Magical mystery toy is coming to take you away…

Maybe I’m a Richmond, maybe I’m a Richmond, maybe I’m a Richmand, too.

I want you to know [your mother] I want you to know.

 I say hello, you say no, I say stop, and I say go, go, go, (oh-oh) oh no – you say g’bye, and I say hello, hello, hello

Coo-Coo-Kachoo, coo-coo-kachoo, coo-coo-kachoo kachoo!

One of the cutest songs that he gets [mostly] right is Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”  He was singing it emphatically to Lauren the other day – “Cuz’ I miss you, baby, and I don’t wanna miss anything!”

I just asked him to sing me some more of the Beatles’ songs, and he said, “But I don’t know any of the other ones, so you better talk to the Beatles right now to see what they’re doing.  Are they farming, or singing?  Farming means going to the pool or getting a drink, or…whatever.”

One more – on Sunday as we arrived at church, Peyton asked if there’d be Sunday school.  When I said yes, he replied “Yay!!!  Teachers!!!!”

(But when I told his teachers what he’d said he got embarrassed and threw a fit).



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