April 7, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

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Last night I stayed up late reading the last novel in Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series.  I’m not sure whether I fed Lauren in my sleep and don’t remember because I was so tired, or if maybe she actually slept a LOOOONG stretch for the first time since the few days after birth, but the earliest I remember waking up with her was at 5:30 this morning. 

So tonight she’s sleeping in her crib 🙂  We started working on a bedtime routine – bath/wipe-down, change, eat, book, sleep.  Hopefully those cues will let her know it’s time to sleep (and stay asleep).  We’ve been pretty unstructured with bedtime thus far (hey, if I nurse her in the living room with all the lights on I can read another chapter of one of Henderson’s suspense novels…and as she falls asleep on me I can read just one more page…okay, maybe two or three…chapters…), so I’m looking forward to getting her onto a bit of a schedule, at least for bedtime.  I still enjoy letting her nap on my while I rest in the afternoon (after finishing a few more pages of my book, of course) because she is just SO snugly!  Daddy experienced her snuggliness when he let her nap on his chest for the first time since who knows when, but when she was sleeping on my yesterday and Daddy tried to take her for himself, she wasn’t so happy 🙂  Here’s a pic I managed to snap when she DID enjoy sleeping on Daddy:

Bottle feeding is…going.  If Lauren could speak she would say that she wished it were going out the window, but I’m just as stubborn as my children (where do you think they got it from?).  We’ve tried every bottle available with little success.  I say little because I did find a bottle by First Starts at Target that’s marketed to breast-fed babies and Lauren actually drank from that bottle.  For a day.  The next day she treated it just like all the rest.  It did seem to solve some of the issues I noticed – the nipple has just the right amount of squishiness (as opposed to the hard avent nipple or the overly-soft nipple on the first adiri bottle I bought), so it’s easier for her to latch on to it properly.  The other limited success we’ve had has been with Avent’s sippy lid…she seems like she’s tolerant of it, but it’s harder for her to latch on to since it’s flat and stiff.  Also, the flow is probably a lot faster because it’s a sippy, and I think there might be a lot of air in it because of how it works, so we’re going to keep trying with the bottle that she took.

Countdown ’til starvation if she won’t take it: 4 days.  Friday night James and I are heading to an 80s birthday party…we can probably make it back early enough if necessary, but it’d be nicer if we didn’t have an early curfew.  At the latest, Saturday will be a trial – I’m due to teach the SAT prep class again, and Lauren will definitely need a bottle then.  If she won’t then I’m going to find a sitter in Bellingham because then I can nurse before and after without a problem, but the extra hour of driving makes a bottle necessary when she’s at home.  Daddy doesn’t like to give her the bottle if she fusses, so she’ll have to be a pro at it by then to avoid a sitter.

Pray for us!

Oh, and have I published this picture yet? 


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