March 30, 2008

How Baby Dylan Made a Dirty Diaper

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After Lauren’s nap in her bouncer chair this morning, she spent a good deal of time pooping while I dressed.  I left the room for a couple minutes to load a few dishes into the dishwasher, knowing my arms would likely be full for awhile after I changed the baby.  Lauren didn’t seem like she’d be done any time soon,  and I’m tired of changing her only to find that she hadn’t finished yet, so I gave her another minute and ran to the kitchen.

Peyton had been playing nicely in his room when he came into the kitchen carrying a tiny pair of underwear from his learn-to-use-the-potty Elmo toy. 

“Oh, look!  You found a baby diaper!” 

Yesterday Peyton was distraught because we don’t have any other clothes or diapers for his babies (Dylan & Wendy – see the previous post).  We solved the clothing issue – Lauren shared some of the newborn clothes that don’t fit her anymore – but the diaper problem was left unsolved until now. 

Peyton disappeared into the hallway and I finished washing a few more dishes.  A few minutes later, Peyton arrived in the kitchen, doll undies in hand.  “Oh, man, Mommy – Dylan pooped in his diaper.”

I looked at Peyton’s hands, recently washed…still wet, in fact.  The diaper itself also had a few droplets of water on it, apparently from Peyton’s hands.  But there was something else on the diaper that caught my attention.  There were a few drops of something else.  Something remarkably close to the color of actual baby poop.  No way that could be crayon or marker.

“Peyton, is that real baby poop?”

“Dylan pooped.”

“Dylan isn’t real – where did the poop come from?”

Then Peyton started talking about Dylan and diapers and some other unrelated things, dodging the qestion.

“Peyton, where did the poop come from?”

He looked at me, knowing I wouldn’t buy whatever lines he dropped, and cringed – “From the real baby.”

Wow.  In his efforts to make caring for his babies as real as possible, he may have overstepped the line here. 

Well, at least he washed his hands.

Lauren’s diaper definitely had a surplus so I don’t think she minded sharing with Dylan, except that Peyton had re-stuck her diaper with the skill of a 4 year old.  The inside of her sleep sack (the pink jammies in the disco-boogie picture on the previous post) was more yellow than pink…especially on one side.

Peyton and I had a brief hygiene discussion, but the easiest way to prevent this from happening again was the natural consequence – “Dylan’s diaper is dirty and needs to be washed.  Go put it in Lauren’s hamper, but I just did laundry, so it’ll be a while before Dylan gets to wear a diaper again.”

I hope it doesn’t backfire…”Mom, Dylan didn’t have a diaper on, so he pooped on the carpet…”

Maybe I should have potty-trained Dylan instead. 


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