March 28, 2008

Growing Family

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Well, Lauren’s passed the 11 lb. mark – that means it’s only a matter of time before she’s sleeping through the night.  In the mean time, however, she does great at soothing herself to sleep.  Every morning, about an hour after she wakes up she’s ready for a nap, so I put her in her bouncer chair in the bathroom and she falls asleep while I shower.  On several occasions she’s also put herself to sleep in her crib while watching the mobile.  The first time she did this, when the mobile’s music turned off (after 10 minutes or so) she woke up again.  I hit the button and she fell asleep…until the music stopped.  After several rounds of this she’d had enough sleep and decided she was finished being in her crib.  Since that time, however, she’s put herself to sleep in her crib three or four more times, and she even continued to sleep once the mobile quit.

We’ve been working on bottles with her.  She doesn’t like them.  Not from mommy, not from daddy, not from the sitter and not from a friend.  She does not like them.  Not in my arms, not in her high chair, not sitting, not standing, not walking.  Not warm, not cold, not fresh, not frozen.  Perhaps I should write a Seussian knock-off and make myself some money in the midst of the heartache 🙂  Any tips?  We’ve already got the breastbottle and we’ve tried every other bottle in the house, but none seem to be good enough for her. 

Her smiles have increased in number, especially for the men in her life.  Daddy came home from work for lunch today and Lauren was so very glad to see him.  She also loves to follow Peyton’s movements, grinning to stop him and grab his attention.

Another milestone reached: the first cold.  Peyton brought it home, probably from school.  Daddy caught it, too, and then Lauren had a low-grade fever and started to sound really stuffy.  She doesn’t really like having her nose sucked out with the aspirator.  No, she really doesn’t.

Another aspect of our growing family – Peyton has twin baby dolls that require a lot of care.  “Oh, they’re cryin’ again.  I’ll go get ’em.”  Making Lauren’s size 1 diapers fit a preemie size baby is hard work.  We also have some clothing issues.  Each doll only came with one outfit, but if they sleep in those jammies, then what will they wear during the day?  Lauren’s newborn size onesies made lovely little “dresses” for them.  Oh, and of course the burp rag problem…Lauren barely has enough of her own burp rags, so Mommy didn’t really want to share with the babies…luckily we’ve got two of the little tiny strips of cloth known as burp rags, which are probably made for babies who don’t spit up (which makes them perfect for Peyton’s twins…although he has informed me that Dylan spits up blue.  I’m not sure how that came about, and he hasn’t really explained the science to me yet).  Peyton has one other problem – he doesn’t seem to be making any milk.  He tried pumping (on his ribs…it was quite comical) and he just couldn’t seem to produce anything.  I guess the babies will have to take formula.

Good thing his babies take bottles.  In fact, Peyton showed me today that they can even hold the bottles on their own.

His care is adorable, though.  I can hear his musical rocking chair after I tuck him in.  I went to check on him before I went to bed myself and found that he had one of his babies on each side of him.  Sometimes he’ll be playing, then he’ll suddenly look at me and sweetly ask me if I’ll go get Wendy, who, it seems, has started to cry.  He tucks them into their little nest on his bookshelf, prays for them and sings them a lullaby, then he kisses them goodnight.

Maybe we’re doing an okay job with the kids.


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