March 16, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

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This post was originally half-written on Thursday, but as you’ll see, finishing it was somewhat interrupted.


Yesterday was awesome.  It was the kind of day that reminds me why I want to be at home more.

Peyton asked on Tuesday if we could make pancakes.  Lauren was napping already when he woke up, so we pulled out Auntie Sandra’s recipe and went to work.  As Peyton dumped the last ingredient into the mix, we heard Lauren wake up, so Peyton ran in to talk to her (“it’s alright, don’t cry, mommy’s coming…”), then he watched 1 show while I nursed her.  After her belly was full, we rolled her high chair into the kitchen and she watched Peyton and I cook the pancakes.  She was quite entertained, smiling frequently for her big brother.  Since I haven’t taken any pictures of her lately, I grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots.

Then I realized the pancakes were probably burning.  I put the camera on her high chair tray and promptly knocked it to the floor, shattering the UV lense and jamming it into the real lense (which is reminiscent of when I knocked my mom’s nice camera off the bleachers with the exact same result). 

The pancakes were burnt.  So I dumped those few into the trash (after sweeping up the broken glass from the lense) and poured a few more pancakes.  My mood wasn’t shaken, and the pancakes didn’t burn. 

After eating our pancakes with the fresh, home-made from Grandma T’s recipe syrup, Peyton helped me clean the table, and I cleaned up the entire kitchen counter.  With a smile on my face!  With time on my hands, cleaning up isn’t so bad! 

After breakfast Lauren fell asleep in her bouncer chair while I took a shower and Peyton had a bath.  Peyton dressed himself; I enjoyed having two kids occupy themselves while I had time to get myself dressed. 

We did laundry; we cleaned the house; we got ready for Grandma Patty to come.  We had a very productive morning. 

We had lunch; we had long naps.

The sun came out, and I watched Peyton blow bubbles outside while I made dinner. 

It was a good day.  Broken camera, burned pancakes…eh.  It was still a good day.  Thank you, Jesus, that I can be home! 


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  1. Grandma Zak said,

    Where are the pictures??????

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